A Heidi Sob Story

Once upon a time there was a Heidi.
Heidi had spent hours minutes illustrating a new Adventures of Heidi story. Then Heidi discovered that her computer was an evil beast that should be shot malfunctioning.
Apparently Heidi’s computer was quarreling with Heidi’s scanner.
The computer was all, “I don’t even know you anymore. You are dead to me.”
The scanner was all, “Did you say something?”
Heidi was all, “Where’s a nerd when you need one?”
In the meantime, Heidi decided to photograph her illustrations.
And then Heidi’s daughter got sick.
With croup. And asthma.
To clarify, Heidi’s daughter did not just get asthma. But the asthma has been on a very long vacation. It now seems as though asthma has returned and is bemoaning all the laundry it has to do.
Heidi says, “Shut-up asthma! No one even wanted you to come back. And to bring your nasty friend croup?! How dare you?”
To which asthma replied “Nah-nah-na-na-na!”
So everyone is a bit snarky at Heidi’s house right now.
But back to the missing illustrations: Instead of photographing her marker art, Heidi’s days are now filled will refilling gator-aid glasses and nebulizer cups, reading even more stories, and checking to make sure all old prescriptions are current. (They are not. And trying to get into a New Doctor when all you need is his signature is driving Heidi crazy. Crazy enough to imagine conversations with asthma, the computer and the scanner.)
And Heidi’s nights are filled with coughing and crying. (It is up to you to sort out who is doing what.) Oh, and backyard campouts.
Why? Because Heidi knows that cool night air is good for croup. And Heidi’s daughter could not breath well enough for the medicine to penetrate her lungs. So Heidi dragged a couple of sleeping bags to the lawn at 3:00am.
The few stars the campers could see were pretty. The clouds were pretty. Heidi’s daughter began to breath almost normally, then fell asleep. Heidi rejoiced. The heaven responded by opening up and pouring water on the happy campers.
It is enough to make Heidi feel like this:
Day 4 - too much time in the car
Please pray.
The End
(I hope)


  1. Oh I don’t envy you right now… not one bit!

  2. Poor thing. And to be able to have humor about the situation must mean that Heidi gal is amazing not to mention a super fab mom.

    Prayers coming.

    World’s Greatest Mommys last blog post..5 Minute Dates

  3. Aww. hopefully the adventures turn out better, and your daughter starts feeling better soon!

    d-anns last blog post..No Sleep

  4. Not drunk. I’m just very tired. 🙂
    Talk to mom lately?


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