Heidi – Live From Studio D

Once upon a time there was a Heidi.
Mrs Dolly as Heidi
The Heidi family had a husband,
a daughter,
daughter dolly
and a dog.
Sidenote: Other actors tried out for the part of Shasta
didn't make call-backs
but none were quite right for the role.

Heidi liked to write.
Heidi also liked to color with markers.
Even though she was officially a grown-up.
For some reason no one could tell, Heidi liked to share her “art” with others. On the internet.
This is Heidi’s computer.
It is a laptop. It is three months old.
It does not smell like a lemon.
It does not look like a lemon.
But Heidi thinks it is a lemon.
If you look close you can see it says this:
dell hell
Heidi has had nothing but problems with her computer. Heidi wishes she had gotten a Mac, but Heidi’s husband needed to use her new computer until his new job supplied him with a new laptop and a Mac was incompatible with his software.
If you understood that sentence, Heidi is impressed.
One day Heidi was trying to scan some of her drawings.
It was not working.
Heidi was angry.
Heidi was frustrated.
Heidi was not sure why her laptop would no longer speak to three printers or a scanner.
It had become an aloof lemon.
Or why the ‘s’ sticks, turning words like “sticks” into “tick”.
Heidi has to watch carefully for ticks.
(Alternate line: It has caused Heidi to develop a tick.)

Heidi called Dell.
Dell said, “We do not wish to help you, Heidi. Please call the Geek Squad.”
Heidi called the Geek Squad.
The Geek said, “We would be happy to help you, Heidi. Please give us $200.”
Heidi became really angry.
She did not give the Geek $200. She took a nap.
Sometimes Heidi deals with her emotions like that.
She might have dreamed about doing this:
but she did not.
When she woke up her Husband asked her to go for a drive.
He drove and drove and drove.
After an hour he ended up at a fruit stand.
A fruit stand that sells only Apples.
He said, “Heidi, why don’t you buy a new laptop?”
Heidi said, “Um, ok.” And smiled really big.
The Fruit Seller said, “The new iphone just came out. Please get in line. For two hours.”
Heidi obeyed.
But then Heidi remembered that she is a homeschool teacher now.
That means that she qualifies for a big discount.
But she had no proof. She needed an Official Homeschooling Mama badge from the state. But she doesn’t have one yet.
So she left the line,
gave Mr. Frantic a big kiss,
and went home.
Then she remembered that as much as she wants a new laptop, she needs a new:
So she is calling the Geek Squad tomorrow.

Heidi may not have a new laptop, but she has a great husband.
And he is totally compatible with her software.


  1. What a great story and a very understanding husband!

  2. I have a “new” Dell laptop, too. It’s about six months old. So far, so GREAT! We’ve gotten multiple computers from Dell and never had any problems. My mom (aka woman with bad luck with all things purchased) spent some nice moola to get a nice computer from Dell and has had multiple issues. BUT, Dell took care of every problem, sending out a tech guy to change parts, etc.

    Our current problem is that Ian is used to having his own computer. So, being on the road = one computer for mommy and boy to argue over.

    I’m sorry you aren’t have a good experience with your shiny new laptop.

    Loved the dramatic sets!

    Melissa R

  3. I’ve never had a Dell, but have only heard about problems with them from friends!

    Annabelles last blog post..Extreme Makeover!

  4. My husband had a Hell at one time. We have never returned.

    I hope you get a new stove (as it looks like the Kitchen Aid is in working order and the tea pot is relatively cheap to replace LOL) and I hope those Geeks get your Hell up and running again.

  5. DANG girl! You are so GOOD!! I love your brain. Have I said that before??

    LOVE IT!

    But how LONG did that post take you??

    Aloof lemon. Fruit store. Compatible with your software.

    You kill me.


    Soliloquys last blog post..Friday’s Brain Dump

  6. I read this one before… and now I’ve read it again since Soliloquy linked to it…. and I still love it… πŸ˜€

    how long did it take you to do this post?

    Heidi here: A couple of hours, but it was so fun!

  7. I came to visit via Soliloquy. I TOTALLY hear you and FEEL your pain with your Hell!
    Although when I call Hell, they blame it on Vista, and when I call MS, they tell me to call Hell. UGHHH!! I just want SOMEONE, ANYONE to fix the blame thing!
    I’ve had mine for almost a year now, and it’s STILL screwed up! I currently have NO sound!
    And it’s done so many SPOOKY things I can’t even tell you. I do believe it’s POSSESSED! I’d REALLY like to send it back to Hell.
    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow. LOVE the post. Love that you have a great husband, and I hope you get a really great oven soon. We’ve never had bad luck with Dell, and my son has a new laptop he adores. Still, if you want an apple a lemon just isn’t going to do, is it? And, God forgive me, I covet my neighbor’s Iphone, but I’m too cheap to buy one for myself…

    Suzys last blog post..True Love

  9. love that wooden computer! amazing the dollhouse furniture they have now!

    cute story.

    natalies last blog post..Doing Istanbul

  10. Really fun post! I have a dell, too. I feel your pain as if it were my own. πŸ™‚

    And to make matters worse, my son spilled chocolate ovaltine all over it… now none of my number keys work. Argh!

    Reluctant Housewifes last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Movement

  11. Love the sorta animated post!

    Sometimes standing in line, helps you think things through a bit. Does the laptop work now that the Geek Squad has come out? πŸ™‚

    Valarie Leas last blog post..Flashback πŸ™‚

  12. Very funny, hope your computer woes are over. Hope your Geek Squad was better than ours.

    Dddivas last blog post..Win a boxful of cash!

  13. Very funny, hope your computer woes are over. Hope your Geek Squad was better than ours.

    Dddivas last blog post..Win a boxful of cash!

  14. You do have a great husband and you are a wonderful woman.
    This was fabulously written and illustrated.
    It’s amazing how practical we get when we get ‘old and wise’ πŸ™‚

    Rachels last blog post..A Flutterby By Any Other Name

  15. I LOVE that last sentence. And the whole post is pretty good too! ; )

    Did you ever get your Mac?

    Elaines last blog post..WW – Wordless OR Wordful… Whatever.

    Heidi here: I never did get my Mac, but if I had everything I wanted there’d be nothing to wish for. It’s better this way, right? Right? [crickets chirping]



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