The Heidi System

Heidi would like to apologize for the quality of the following pictures. Once again, her scanner and laptop are quarreling. Thanks, Vista. You rock.

Once upon a time there was a Heidi. Please do not confuse this Heidi with the little girl in the Alps.
heidi 001

Not so long ago, Heidi had a calendar.

It hung on the bulletin board in the kitchen where Heidi could conveniently use it. It worked quite well for her. But…
One day Heidi became a homeschool teacher. She felt the need to become a bit more organized with her schedule.
So Heidi bought another calendar. The second calendar was to record lesson plans.
calendar 2

The dual calendar system worked so well that Heidi bought a third calendar. A little one just for planning her menus.
3 calendars

Now some, less organized, people might think that having three calendars is a bit much, but Heidi did not agree. Heidi was of the mind that if one was good, three were better.
Heidi felt very organized. She wanted to pass her mad organizational skillz to the next generation. Heidi bought a date book for her daughter to keep track of her schedule.
And then she bought one for herself.
5 calendars

Heidi was now so very organized.
She did occasionally have a problem with writing appointments down on one calendar and then forgetting about them.
Like the time she missed her daughter’s doctor’s appointment…
…and didn’t realize it for a week.
But that’s what happens when you are as organized as Heidi.
Fiction Advisory: The remainder of this story is currently fiction.
Eventually Heidi became so organized that she could no longer function. She was last seen wandering about consulting a suitcase full of calendars trying to determine if she had missed her hair appointment.
organized heidi
But at least she was no longer disorganized.
The End


  1. I tried the dual calendar thing…it didn’t work for me. Now, I use Outlook calendar for everything and color code things (makes it look all pretty)…I have Outlook sync’d with my Google Calendar so my Google Calendar can sync with my Blackberry. I don’t mess with the Google Calendar, but with it being sync’d, I have my calendar on me at all times (Blackberry).

  2. Ha ha ha…I feel ya…I hate the multiple calendars thing, but just trying to synch up paper calendars (one in the kitchen, one in the ‘puter room, one at work and one I carry with me) is a bee-hotch. I think in your story fictional Heidi would find fictional friends with the same affliction and they’d pencil each other in for fictional cosmopolitans.

  3. Yeah, I love calendars. I use the one on my phone for EVERYTHING! I also have on in my purse, and one on the refrigerator. It definitely helps being organized! 🙂

    Jenn Mizes last blog post..7-11 (Here you go Jamie)


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