Thrift Store Fashions

Yesterday, I shared with you thrift store shopping tips taught to me by a true second-hand guru. Today, I’ll show you how I put those tips to good use.

Are you ready for this? Newt and I had a little photo shoot in the yard.
It’s always nice to put on a show for neighbors and random passersby.

Look #1 The “Modeling in Your Front Yard is Awkward” Pose
thrift store fashions - fall
The first pair of skinny jeans I have owned since the 8th grade
l.e.i. skinny
Cost: $6.99
Here’s a close up of the… ah… pocket details.
thrift store fashions - fall
Chocolate brown cardigan
West and Vine
Cost: $6.99
cotton blend, looks new – no pilling (not even under the arms)
The white tank, necklace and boots came from my own closet.

Look #2 – The “I’m So Casually Leaning Against My Truck” Pose
Thrift Store Fashions fall
Gray button up t-shirt
cotton-poly blend, great condition
Cost: $3.99
I love the sleeve detail. I paired this with the same jeans and boots, because I was too lazy to put something else together for my photo shoot.

Look #3 The “Yes, I Know I Needed to Pull My Shirt Down” Pose
I was just trying to keep Newt from documenting all the weeds. Looks like I failed there too.
Thrift Store Fashions fall
Black jersey knit shirt with blue embroidery detail
Cost: $6.99
Old Navy Sweetheart cut
Cost: $6.99

Look #4 The “Using This Chair to Support my Leg Pop” Pose
Thrift Store Fashions fall
Cotton skirt with ribbon detail
Cost: $4.99
Oatmeal colored sweater twin-set
Lands End
cotton blend, again looks brand new – no pilling
Cost: $9.99
This was my big ticket item, but it’s a twofer. Look at it without the cardigan in my “Just Hanging Out on My Wall and Newt is Making Me Laugh” Pose:
Thrift Store Fashions fall

I didn’t leave Newt out of the thrifty-fun.
Newt Look #1: The “Just Climbing the Fence” Pose:
Thrift Store Fashions fall
She’s wearing them right now and doesn’t want to tell me the brand
Cost: $6.99
Here they are from another angle in the “Holy Cow, Newt Has Long Legs” Pose
Thrift Store Fashions fall
The sweater came from her own floor closet.

Newt Look #2: The “Now Be a Tiger” Pose
Thrift Store Fashions fall
Purple striped sweater
Same as the jeans
cotton blend, looks new, and bonus: it’s same size I wear so there may be some borrowing potential
Cost: $4.99

Newt also got a canvas belt ($2.99) and a pair of embroidered jean capris ($6.99). They are not pictured because the photo session got boring and the model refused to cooperate.
Models! [eyeroll accompanied by exasperated sigh]

Total spent: $68.89
Average cost per item: $6.26

I think we did great. What do you think?

Edited to add: I just posted outtakes to my facebook page. Hurry over, you won’t want to miss my Sitting on the Toilet Pose.


  1. Great finds! Love the sweater set with the skirt! 🙂

  2. I love your skirt!
    I have to say that I have been noticing that Newt has been “shooting up” lately. She’s so much less “little girl” and so much more “young lady”.

  3. Love the skirt and twin set, Heidi! And Newt is beautiful! (We knew that, but I think it’s the “young lady” in her now that Melissa R. noticed.) Having her hair pulled back shows off her beautiful face.

  4. Great stuff! I’m always to scared to dig through the jeans rack. I HATE that they are not in order by size, and the idea of digging through all those jeans stresses me out. But I hit the 1/2 price clothes sale at the Salvation Army on Labor Day (totaly by accident, too) and I got the most AWESOME 100% wool shawl collar cardigan that I have worn nearly every day since it got cold (plus several other wool sweaters to use for crafts), two great long sleeve vneck T’s (one Jcrew and one Gap- I always try to limit myself to higher end second hand stuff so I know it will hold it’s shape and last), and a super cute slouchy leather purse. And I got all of that (plus a pair of boots for Izzy) for less than what the Jcrew shirt cost new…

  5. Awesome captions!!! Oh, and Newt and you look great in your new duds too!:)

  6. THAT skirt is MINE! I have it! That is so funny…of course, I paid full Target price for it a few years ago.


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