On My Mind

Last night I had a dream.
A funny dream.
So funny, in fact, that I woke myself up by laughing. Walt heard me and became alarmed because he thought I was crying sobbing uncontrollably. I could not really speak because I was laughing so hard, but after a few moments I was able to convey that I was fine. Eventually, between gasps and giggles, I explained that I was laughing because I dreamed about a funny hilarious poster. I have tried to recreate it for your viewing pleasure.

Now, I am aware that my dream poster is not as comical as my nighttime hysteria would suggest. I mean, it doesn’t really even make sense. If one is calm, why the crapping of oneself? And if one does happen to do so, how will that help them to keep calm?
Absurd, yes, but it kept me laughing, much to Walt’s concern (quote: “I thought you had lost your mind.”), for quite some time. Every time I would start to calm down I’d crap myself, an image of that poster would pop into my mind and I’d be off again.
I actually laughed myself to sleep.
I have giggled off and on all day.
Truth be told, I’m laughing about it right now.
You know, Walt may be on to something.

My whole life seems to be under construction right now. However, I am certain that the end results will be beautiful. Our house repairs are moving along and we hope to be able to go home this weekend. However, we have arrived at the DIY (money-saving) part of the job, which means a whole lot of hard work. So far we have painted nearly every room in our house. In the days and weeks to come, we will be installing and painting new baseboards, crown molding, door and window wrap and new doors, laying new wood flooring and tile, as well as putting in some new bathroom cabinetry. Not all of these items were damaged in the great flood, but doing a lot of work ourselves has enabled us to pay for the upgrades.
I’m simultaneously excited and exhausted, which has resulted in some strange behavior. (See one)

Speaking of construction, how do you like the new digs around here? The site re-design is the work of the lovely, talented and very affordable Kristi from Creative Kristi Designs. She still has a few finishing touches planned, but even as is, I love it. What do you think?
Since I was changing things up anyway, I felt it was high time my commenting system got an overhaul. I installed Disqus, which will make it much easier for me to respond to your comments on site and for you to interact with each other. I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions.

I used the Keep-Calm-o-Matic to recreate my oh-so-amusing dream poster. I may have to have it printed onto a mug for Walt. Maybe then he’ll see the humor.

I think I may now be able to cross a certain someone off my Christmas list…


  1. Haha!! Maybe I’m loosing it too! I want a mug.

    • Thank you. It’ll be nice to have company in the looney bin.

  2. I like the new design of your blog but I’m kinda agreeing with Walt about the poster! šŸ˜‰ Maybe you have been working too hard or the paint fumes are getting to you or something!

    • I do get pretty punchy when I’m tired, but that was the first time I was punchy in my sleep.

  3. Sounds like you should add the cups to your etsy shop!

    • Mugs, tees, posters, adult diapers…

  4. Hahaha! This makes me laugh out loud!…I think I crapped myself. You are brilliant, even in your sleep!

    • Two days later and I’m still laughing about it. I think we’re all crapping ourselves.



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