Why You Should Be On Twitter

Twitter Bird logoI’m going to make a pretty bold statement. Consider yourself forewarned:

If you are at all serious about writing, no matter what stage of the publishing process you are in, you should be on twitter.

I can hear some of you twitter naysayers already: But why twitter, Heidi? I’m already on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram. What is so special about 140 characters?

Read on and I’ll tell you.

Twitter can make you a better writer
Honestly, isn’t that enough of a reason right there? See for yourself:

Note: Adrien-Luc Sanders give amazing writing tips. Go follow him immediately.

Twitter gives you all the good dirt.
From contest information, to what agents and publishers are currently dying for – or sick to death of, query information, and even tips on other items of writerly importance, twitter spills it.

Writing can be isolating. Twitter is where your friends hang out.
At least that’s where mine are. Want to be a member of the club?

There are a lot more reasons why twitter makes sense for writers. I didn’t even get into #AskAgent#WriteClub, or #indiechat but you can figure those out on your own. Just get over there and get tweeting.
Not too much though, you do still need to save time to, oh, I don’t know, actually write something a bit longer than 140 characters.

PS: If you could use a twitter how-to, Business 2 Blogger recently posted a handy primer. Pop in and check it out.

PSS: If you’d like to follow me on twitter, I can be found here, saying things like this: 

Let's chat, shall we?

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