Recipe: Bird in a Nest

natural easter eggs

Easter eggs: No dye necessary (though they do need to be washed…)

We’ve been eating quite a lot of eggs lately thanks to the happy production of our sweet little hens.

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Don’t let that horrifying look fool you. Phyllis loves her bath.

Er, um… moving on.

A favorite breakfast at our house is that one egg-in-toast dish that everyone knows but no one can agree on a name for.

Bird in a Nest or Toad in a Hole or Egg in a Hole or Egg in a Basket or Bird’s Nest or Froggie in a Pond or…

Just to confuse things further, we made up our own name: Hole in One. But whatever you call it, it’s tasty–rich, buttery, and oh so filling.

You probably already know how to make it, but since I took pictures, you’re getting a recipe. Maybe you could use this post as a way to teach a kid or a pet or someone…

Butter (with butter, not margarine please) both sides of your bread. I like whole-wheat or sourdough myself, but if you like something different, I won’t be mad (unless you use margarine).

Use a biscuit cutter or a glass to cut a hole in the center of each bread slice.


Place on medium high griddle or pan. (The only trick with this dish is getting the egg whites cooked through without overcooking the yolks, while at the same time perfectly toasting the bread. That’s why I suggest medium-high heat. It may take a little experimenting to get it just right.)

While you are at it, put that buttered round down on the griddle too. That’s the best part.

Drop a little pat of butter in the center of the hole.


Crack an egg in the hole. Just one please. Sarah Jane is a show off and lays double yolked eggs. Don’t mind her.


Salt and pepper egg to taste.

Cook until bread is nicely browned on the bottom and whites have begun to set.




You want the yolks to still be somewhat runny. If you push on the center, it should have some give and be sort of jiggly. (Like my stomach if I eat too many of these. Or um…every other day of my life.)


Break. Dip. Bite. Repeat.



Have any favorite egg dishes? Share them with me!



  1. We call these eggs in a basket–and I love them, too 🙂 Baked eggs with ricotta cheese is a close second.

    • That sounds amazing. Do you have a recipe?

  2. This is my FAVORITE FAVORITE breakfast, and probably in contention for my favorite food. But funny enough, I often will forget about it for weeks at a time. I like to make it on my electric griddle vs the frying pan, but I only get the griddle out usually to make pancakes or bacon.

    Oh, and we call it Egg in a hole. Not horribly creative, but my mom used to make these for me growing up, and that’s what she called it.

    BTW, we’ve been eating tons of eggs lately too for the same reason- my hens are laying like gang busters! And I have 30(ish) hens, so that’s a lot of eggs! Needless to say, we can’t keep up, but I definitely try. I’m going to cut back this year, no way I’m feeding 30+ chickens over another winter.

    • The idea of more than thirty chickens makes me do this: O___O

  3. A la your first picture in this post, it is called Eggs in a Basket. The end. The other names are just silliness, I am right, everyone else is wrong. 🙂

    • This dish is serious business. 🙂

  4. I love these and so do my kids. My husband taught me an awesome trick to get the white to cook with out over cooking the yolk… Put a lid in the pan while you cook the first side anf they are easier to flip too. I think I’ll make these tomorrow. I forgot how yummy they are thanks for sharing.

    • Great trick! Thanks.


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