Adventures of Heidi, a true story

Once upon a time there was a Heidi.
Heidi knows that “Heidi” is also a popular dogs’ name. And that you probably have a dog named Heidi. You do not need to tell her about it.
Heidi is so not a dog's name

This is Shasta.

Shasta came home with Heidi from the farm. She likes to run. Fast.
Shasta is on trial. She has not yet earned the title My Dog. Instead we are calling her My Brother’s Dog That We Are Babysitting.

Today Heidi bought three tickets to Cancun was expecting Terminex to come take care of the vermin that were eating her house. The vermin were not named Hansel or Gretel. They were named Termite and Carpenter Ant.
Terminex arrived between the hours of late and very late.
Terminex is very late
Heidi had been too afraid to shower, lest she miss the knock at the door.
When the hired killer pest technician finally knocked, Heidi opened the door. Shasta mistook the knock for opportunity and ran for it.
Oh no!
Shasta ran.
Heidi ran.
Shasta ran faster.

Very steep hill

Now I am here

Heidi finally caught Shasta when Shasta came back on her own.
Heidi scooped up Shasta and walked back to the house where the Terminex man, who had not been helpful at all, was waiting.
Did you try to tackle her?

Um, no.  I fell.

And then Heidi and the Terminex man sat down at her table to do paperwork.
And Heidi had to pretend it was perfectly normal to be covered in dirt and that blood was not running into her sock.
Bad Dog

The end

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