Back from Vacation

I’m sitting here in a pile of metaphorical unpacked dirty laundry and cheep souvenirs. It is hard to come home from vacation, even a bloggy one, isn’t it? I just can’t seem to clear the cobwebs from my head and write.
Or perhaps I am just distracted.  Between Newt watching the Disney Channel and Walt’s ghost hunting (don’t ask), I’m having trouble focusing.
I’ve tried fighting it, but it’s just not working. My brain is still on vacation.
But I promised a post, and I intend to deliver. And since a picture is worth a thousand words and most of the words I can think of start with um or duh, I now present to you the the following photo story:

It’s All Fun and Games When Someone Loses an Eye

Hmmm, what’s that box doing out there?
Let’s look and see what’s inside.
Ouch! My eye!
Who did that?
Shasta? That didn’t look like your paw… You got company in there?
Oh, I see. Enjoy your box you two. I’m going in to put some ice on my eye.
Kids. They just can’t seem to find ways to entertain themselves these days.


  1. It is soooooo great that Newt can still entertain herself without electronics. Glad your back and posting again!

  2. LOL – Too cute 🙂 Looks like they were having some fun today!

    Erins last blog post..Here I am!

    • This reminds me of when we got a new fridge.The kids went ‘on vacation’ and slept in the box until I insisted they went back to their beds.It was much cheaper than going to Hawaii.


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