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When I was a little girl, maybe in first grade, I remember taking a class trip down the hall to the school library. I loved books and was so excited to look through the shelves and pick one out all by myself. However, before my classmates and I (certainly germy, dirty children all) were allowed that sweet privilege, we had to have the fear of God, or at least the librarian, put into us.
My carpet square was itchy and it was hard to sit still, but there would be no books until we were all clear on the rules.
Never touch a book with dirty hands.
Never dog-ear the corners.
Never lay an open book face down.
And never, never ever, write in a book.

Those rules became printed upon my little book-loving heart.
I promised.
I obeyed.
I didn’t even like marking in my college textbooks, though I did when absolutely necessary. Books were too special to treat so cheaply.
When Newt entered kindergarten, she received the same lecture. To a child with slight OCD tendencies, the rules were law.
She promised.
She obeyed.
A few years ago, while embarking upon a serious study of the classics, I learned a couple of new rules:
Never write in a book you do not own.
Always read with a pencil in your hand.
Treat your books like workbooks: Dog ear the pages, make notes in the margins, circle words to define, underline.

My rebellious side was intrigued. My obey the rules side was horrified.
And so my rebellious side wrestled my obey the rules side to the ground, rubbed dirt in her face, and sent her crying to mama. With guilty pleasure, I underlined and dog-eared my paperback version of Don Quixote.
Newt observed and was scandalized.
I tried to teach her the new rules, but her rebellious side is not a strong as mine (thankfully). She couldn’t bring herself to do it. Until now…
Upon the advice of my dear imaginary online friend Soliloquy (who really should start blogging again), we bought Newt a special new journal for Christmas. My girl carefully unwrapped the book, then gently thumbed through its pristine new pages. At first she looked confused. And then she began to smile.
A lovely, wicked smile.
Clearly, this is not your average journal: Wreck This Journal Occasionally, Walt and I will be startled by a scream accompanied by the book being thrown against the wall.
This display of violence is always followed by a giggle.
Wreck This Journal

I have received Newt’s permission to share a few more of her journal pages with you:
Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal

Here are a couple she has not completed yet, but is looking forward to:
Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal

In the few days since Newt received her new journal, both she and it, have undergone a remarkable transformation. It now looks like this:
Wreck This Journal

And Newt has learned that not every rule is law. Sometimes, it’s okay to let your hair down, to do something wild, to dog ear a book.

I’ll leave you with my favorite page, for it shows the sweet innocence of my “rebellious” girl:
Wreck This Journal

Now it’s your turn: Go ahead and wreck this blog post.
Leave me an ugly comment.
forget about punctuation
Use the word “poop”.
Print out this post and use it as a doormat.
Sneeze on your computer screen. Wipe it off with your sleeve.
Let your imagination (and your rebellious side) run wild. Glory in the feeling. Then tell me about it.

Disclaimer #1: This review was not solicited, nor has it been compensated in any way. However, if you purchase Wreck This Journal from Amazon, I’ll receive a small commission.

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Disclaimer #2: It was really hard for me to “mispell” misspell.


  1. WOW! This is a great book!
    BTW, I usually read your posts via my RSS feed. I just came over to leave this comment and see that you have a new look to your page. It’s more streamlined and modern.
    BTW 2, I use the word poop pretty often so that wouldn’t be out of the box for me… but how about darn or stupid or hate. Those are bad words that I don’t use or allow use of in my house.
    There, I messed up your page. 🙂

    • Oh poop you mean I can’t call anything stupid? Even if it is? Isn’t darn better than? I’d much rather darn a sock than poop a?

  2. Ha! I luv newts fore-leter werds!
    Wow! That was painful! 😉

  3. Dew it rite and so yurself intwo sew U can C all sides of yo-self. U make me (-:

    • Ha ha! That took me a few minutes to decipher. U made me (: 2!

  4. aw i luv newt’s new awezome book! lol 🙂

  5. Maybe because I have a rebellious 6 year old I can’t bring myself to even appreciate the journal! So messed up! I learned all those rules about books and took them seriously too-so much so that I can’t even mark my Bible! Of course, the logic of highlighting never made sense to me-we’re taught to highlight the important stuff, right? If it’s in the book, doesn’t that make it important?

    So here’s my rebellion in my choice NOT to follow directions!

  6. I am compeetle ofended by the off colour humor on this websight. We never use words like “poop” in our home or famly……(we no two many other alternitivs like SCAT. That’s the currant favrite!)

  7. Very interesting and provoking book 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.

  8. This is great! I asked for and received “Finish This Book” by Keri Smith for Christmas. Looking forward to finishing it. Your book looks fun too!

    • I’ve heard great things about that one. You like it?

  9. One of my son’s has the same journal! LOVE it. great post. 😉



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