On My Mind: November 17, 2014

I just returned from a bookish road trip with Robin Herrera, Miriam Forster, and our intern/my daughter, Hannah. We drove to Boise and did writerly things with YA author Sarah Tregay.
It was snowy and cold outside but the people were so incredibly warm. I’ll blog more about it next week. In the meantime, if you are in the area, go visit Rediscovered Books and tell them I said hi!

I took Hannah to the dentist today and the hygienist said, “I’m so excited for next week, aren’t you?”
I said, “What’s next week?” and she gave me such a look of incredulity before reminding me that next week is Thanksgiving.
I’ve been busy, okay?

I’ve finished 50% of of my Christmas shopping. Three gifts have already been wrapped. My cards are ordered.

I know that kind of get-it-doneness is annoying, but there is a reason for it.

I want to get holiday prep finished early because in mid-December I am having surgery. Longtime blog readers may recognize this little fellow:


That is a poorly illustrated drawing of an ovarian cyst. He and his friends have plagued me off and on for years. It’s been irritating, but manageable. However, last year, a bigger, meaner set of jerks moved in. (Hello, fibroids. I hate you.) My doctor has advised we just go ahead and remove all the affected parts, and since I’m not using them, I agreed. I’ll be having a hysterectomy.
Please feel free to tell me surgery horror stories.

Three is taking up a lot of space.

I’ll be buying new pajamas and plan to be in, on, or near my bed for most of December. Perhaps I’ll catch up on my reading list? (Hahaha! If only.)

This has nothing to do with three. And it delights me.


  1. I’m sorry to hear that, Heidi. But as you said – good excuse for catch up reading time?

    I’m tossing around a few ideas for a new book and wiondered – did you need to secure permission rights for the fantastic Hook’s Revenge? Was it considered a derivative work?

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this question. I did try to scour your blog and blog tour looking for the answer!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. And that’s a great question. Peter Pan is in the public domain and is up for use by anyone. I believe written works enter the public domain 70 years after the author’s death. A quick internet search should help determine if what you want to use is available or still under copyright. Best of luck!

  2. Hang in there, Heidi! I’m intimately familiar with the little fellow who says “Boo!” and wish you the best of all outcomes. Prepare to rest. It knocked me off my feet for a few weeks in my twenties, when I was much younger and heartier than I am now. Thinking of you.

    • Thank you, Amy. My family is all set to cater to my every whim while I rest and rest and rest. <3

  3. Heidi, I hope that the surgery goes smoothly. Sending good thoughts!

  4. Thanks so much, Heidi.



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