THE PIRATE CODE blurb from Adam Rex!

Words are my job. I can spend hours searching for the just the right one. However, when my book is being praised by authors I admire, the best I can come up with are, “Ahhhhhh!” “Really???” and “Thank you!”

All this week, I’ll be sharing blurbs from fantastic authors. First up, Adam Rex.

Adam’s books are favorites around here. Hannah and I both capital-L-Loved THE TRUE MEANING OF SMECKDAY (made into a little Dreamworks movie called Home—perhaps you’ve heard of it?) and SMEK FOR PRESIDENT!.

Here is what Adam had to say about THE PIRATE CODE.

Adam Rex HR2

On My Mind: May 12, 2015

I GIFed this old vine of myself so everyone can see my winning smile. Aren’t you glad???
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START SPREADING THE NEEEEEWS! I’ll be in New York at the end of the month. If you are in the area, you’ll have three chances to hang out with me: signing advance copies of The Pirate Code at Book Expo, hanging out and playing games with dozens of other middle grade authors, and talking pirates and hot dogs with author Tara Dairman. See my events page for more details on each.

Tiny Hamster Tiki Party!

My I <3 Educators giveaway is on for a few more days. Tell the teachers and librarians in your life that they could win a hardcover of Hook's Revenge, an advance copy of The Pirate Code—both signed, a classroom pack of bookmarks and postcards, and a free in person visit from me! Enter here.

Here’s another GIF. Like creepy mother, like creepy daughter, right?
Maple Man

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