Heidi—Live and In Person

Shhh. If you are very, very quiet, you might soon be able to see a rare Heidi in the wild. Check it out:

This Sunday I’ll be at A Children’s Place Bookstore in Portland with a panel of other 2014 debut kidlit authors.  We’ll give you a sneak peek and a reading from our upcoming releases. This will be the first time I will publicly read from Hook’s Revenge. Who knows what might happen? Maybe I’ll forget how to read! Maybe I’ll throw up! Maybe I’ll sneezefart and have to move away and change my name! You really won’t want to miss this. Details here.

Next weekend I’ll be giving a SCBWI workshop on using Twitter in your writing career.  Details here.

I’ll have Hook’s Revenge postcards and bookmarks at both these events. I’m happy to sign one for you.

I mean, if you want.

(Though I can’t quite imagine that anyone would care about my signature unless they are trying to forge loan documents or some such thing. Please don’t do that.)


P.S. There’s still time to win an advance copy of Hook’s Revenge over on The Midnight Garden YA. Go now or forever be sorry.



  1. Would love to be at one of the events. Unfortunately several continents stand in the way. Hook sounds wonderful. So does forging loan documents 🙂

    • Ha! Thank you! (Except for the loan docs part. Heh.)

  2. Awww, you got Wendy Darling to review Hook’s Revenge? That’s PERFECT! I recognize WD from Goodreads.

    I hope you become so well-known and sought-after that we can bring you here, to Colorado, for an author event and I can come sit in the front row and try to make you laugh or lose your train of thought. Think of it as training. 🙂

    This is so exciting!!!

    • That would be wonderful! I’m stealing everyone’s birthday wishes to make that come true!

      • Oh, yes! You can have all my birthday wishes! I totally misuse those things so giving them to you to get you on a big, ol’ book tour would be a much better way to make wishes come true!


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